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JobExcite is powered by staffingsoft recruiting software and applicant tracking system Employers  
JobsExcite is FREE job board for Job Seekers and Employeers
Employees can post jobs and search resumes Job Seekers can sign up to enter their profile and resume, seach for jobs and apply to jobs
JobExcite can integrate will all web based recruirng software and applicant tracking system
If you company provide staffing software please contact us for direct job posting from you recruiting software to jobsexcite

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Free Job Posting:

Employers and Recruiters can search our extensive resume database and / or post a job opportunity making it viewable to millions of possible Job Seekers for free. That’s right Free job Positing!!!

Please Note: reserves the right to refuse any organization or employer and to remove any User account or job posted without notice that is unacceptable for this website upon review by administration.

Each employer registration and job posting is reviewed by our admin team.

Following actions are not permitted and will cause your account to be deleted without any notice:

  • We do not accept postings that require a payment from job seekers.
  • We only accept job postings, not ads for other employment services.
  • MLM, work-at-home schemes and other similar ads are not accepted. Legitimate home based jobs are accepted.
  • Positions for adult entertainment jobs are not accepted.
  • All jobs posted with incorrect company contact and/or company email address will be deleted.
  • Texting Candidates are not allowed.

When posting to, your jobs will also be posted to many news groups and other job boards such as and


Viewing applicants
JobsExcite gives you the ability to view the profile of all applicants who have applied for your posted jobs.


Receiving Resumes
Receive up-to-date resumes from highly qualified candidates whose resumes match your job opening profile criteria via email. JobsExcite's resume matching tool reviews every resume posted in our database and emails you those that meets your criteria.


Job Banner
JobsExcite's banner system allows you to advertise your jobs directly from your job posting. The banner can be automatically generated from job title, salary, and job descriptions once you select the status "HOT" for your posted job.


Private Branding

JobsExcite is available for private branding, partnership, and reseller arrangements. Our modern technology can be combined seamlessly with the look and feel of the client website. Contact Sales for more information.
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